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HIPAA Compliant


An effective email archiving system will enable your organization to meet control objectives for auditing by capturing, preserving and making all email traffic easily searchable for compliance auditors to evaluate. When encrypted and backed-up, archiving provides additional protections for information against loss and unauthorized exposure.



securing the confidential transmission of e-PHI demands an end-to-end solution to ensure that data remains confidential and secure between the message sender and the intended recipient, preventing unauthorized access or loss of e-PHI.



Protections from spam, phishing, and malware at the email gateway such as
email filters and antivirus software will also demonstrate adequate protections against unanticipated threats to the integrity and security of e-PHI.



A DLP solution for email is essential for HIPAA compliance, providing enhanced email security through content filtering, authentication, and permissions rules that limit access and transmission of sensitive information sent within and outside the organization.

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