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Standard Features


HIPAA Compliant

Helps address HIPAA Technical security safeguard standards for secure and

confidentiak email transmission of ePHI.

Ease of Use

Simplifies the complexity of secure electronic communications, integrating

seamlessly with any email platform.

Unlimited Storage

Eliminates size limitations for secure file transfer, enabling transmission of

medical scans (X-Rays)and other large files.

Smart Security Detection

Automatically detecs the information needs to be sent out secured or

non-secured based on your data input.

Exchange Based

Enables anytime, anywhere secure communication and collaboration by allowing

users to send and receive secure email on any device.


Automatically archive all communications for 7 years to comply with HIPAA


Secure Transmition

Enables Banking grade transmition protocol of Geotrust 2048 Bits SSL SHA2.

Military Grade Encryption

End-to-end Military grade transport layer security 1.2 (TLS), AES-256, Data Leak

Prevention (DLP) encryption.

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